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5 Putting Tips All Golfers Should Know

5 Putting Tips All Golfers Should Know

Can you believe that almost 26 million people played golf last spring?

Whether you are new to the game, or just looking for some hints to improve your score, keep reading below for five putting tips every golfer should know!

1. Follow Through and Hold

One of the most common mistakes with golfers of all levels is moving while they putt and directly after they hit the ball.

Your putting movement should come from your shoulders, with other parts of your body mostly still.

After hitting the ball, follow through with your putt and hold your position at the end. When you do this, you can check your alignment. If the face of your club is pointing towards the target, you know you are good.

If not, revisit your aim and stroke.

2. Be Consistent

One of the most basic putting tips? If you don't practice frequently, you will not improve. Create a routine before every shot and putt that will help put you in a calm and confident mindset.

Explore your preferences. You may find you shoot and putt better in the morning or early afternoon.

Another good practice is to start collecting multiple putters. This can help you develop an even more solid routine.

3. Vary Your Practice Shots

While repetition is key during practice, make sure you practice more than just straight line, 20 foot putts. This type of practice is good, but will not prepare you for putts or shots you may encounter in a real tournament.

Try shooting from farther distances or out of an uneven terrain. Putt behind a tree or up a ramp. Explore challenging areas of your local golf course or club.

4. Close Your Eyes

The best golfers have a good sense of the terrain and distance around them. To achieve this for yourself, close your eyes for part of your practice.

Start with a putt close to the hole and make some shots with eyes open. Then, close your eyes and see if you can make it. Without your visual cues, an easy shot becomes much more difficult.

Keep at it until you can make putts from various distances with your eyes shut. This will help you internalize how hard you need to hit the ball for different distances.

5. Don't Forget to Have Fun

Oftentimes when people struggle with their golf game, they become frustrated. Our final tip is to remember to have fun. If you practice consistently, you will get better.

Don't let a bad day or bad tournament make you forget your love for the game. Be sure to mix up practices by bringing friends and playing games like 'HORSE' with them.

Mixing up your training schedule with light-hearted competitions with loved ones will keep you sharp and loving the game.

Go Pro With These Putting Tips

With these five tips, you are well on your way to improving your overall golf game.

Ready to learn a few more tips and tricks and get out on the green? Contact us and we will set you up for the perfect tee time at Verandah.

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