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    Junior Lessons

Think you’d like to help the younger generations develop a passion for golf?

Junior golf lessons at The Verandah can be the beginning of a whole new world. Whether you’d like to introduce someone to the sport, or you’d like your budding champion to benefit from personalized instruction, you’ll find it all here at The Verandah. Kids who learn golf from our top golf instructors have an edge— not just with their game but on loving the sport for a lifetime. Here at The Verandah, we teach more than technique!

If you’re a golfer yourself, you may know that golf is a state of mind as much as it is a physical game and it takes the right mindset before you can truly hit your stride in the world of golf.

We teach that mindset here at The Verandah, and it derives from a passion that all our instructors hold for the game. They help instill a respect for the traditions of golf and have keen knowledge of the ins and outs of course behavior and etiquette. Plus, in our junior lessons, we teach the focus and determination that young golfers need to play their best.

Newbies, Novices, or On Their Way to Tournament Level Play

We offer all levels of instruction for juniors here at The Verandah. Our team of golf professionals work with juniors who have never played golf before, those who are looking to improve their game, and those who are on their way to competing in junior tournaments. No golfer is left behind when it comes to learning the game here at The Verandah!”

Call The Verandah Learning Center to Find Out More

If you’d like to learn more about our junior lessons, including the video instruction we use, or other services, please call us. Call (239) 694-4229 to see all that’s possible for your kid or teen!

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