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11 Tips for Planning a Successful Outdoor Wedding at Verandah Golf Club

The outdoors can be a beautiful location to share your vows. Before planning your outdoor wedding, consider these tips to plan a gorgeous and memorable wedding both you and your guests will love.


1. Consider What You’ll Wear

What you wear on your wedding day will have a big impact on how you feel throughout the day. When choosing a dress, tux, or bridesmaid dresses, think about the weather and venue.

At the beach, you’d likely want something that allows movement in the breeze. For summer weddings in a garden or on a golf course, be careful wearing a dress with layers of tulle. Gnats get caught in the tulle and no one wants to walk down the aisle with a dress full of gnats.

2. Position Your Ceremony in a Shaded Area

If you’re planning an outdoor summer wedding, position your ceremony in a shaded area. Both you and your guests will enjoy the event much more when you’re not sweating in the direct sun.

3. Print Your Wedding Program on a Fan

For those hot weather days, turn your wedding program into a fan. Guests will have the wedding details easily within reach while also being able to keep themselves cool.

4. Keep Yourself and Your Guests Hydrated

On your wedding day, it’s easy to get busy with activities and forget to stay hydrated. Make sure a bottle of water is around throughout the day while you’re getting ready. Encourage your bridal party to stay hydrated throughout the day too to avoid crankiness, dizziness, or even passing out during the ceremony.

Position convenient water and non-alcoholic beverage stations for your guests before and after the ceremony so they can stay hydrated in the heat.

5. Give Your Bridesmaids Somewhere Firm to Stand

If you’re getting married on a lawn, give your bridesmaids cement blocks or decorative stones to stand on. High heels will sink into grass and soil making it challenging to stand for long periods during the ceremony.

6. Provide Blankets for Guests If It’s Cool or Breezy

If you’re expecting chilly weather, offer blankets or wraps for guests during the ceremony. As an added personal touch, embroider a customized patch on each blanket.

7. Use Flowers and Lights to Create an Aisle

Fresh flowers and lights can take a plain strip of grass and turn it into a simple and gorgeous aisle. This adds an elegant touch while also helping save you money.

8. Don’t Forget Microphones

Don’t forget to use microphones for your outdoor wedding. No matter the number of guests you invite, it’s always a good idea to have microphones positioned at the altar so everyone can hear the big “I do.”

9. Be Smart About Food Choices

Work closely with your caterer and ask them to propose a menu they feel confident executing for the venue and the predicted temperatures. If you’re expecting a warm day, you’ll want to steer clear of plated desserts with ice cream or gelatos.

If you’re doing a buffet meal outside, position the buffet stations beneath perimeter fans on the tent. The air circulation will keep the food more temperate and help shield the food from bugs.

It’s not recommended to serve cheese and fruit displays at outdoor weddings. While they look beautiful, cheese doesn’t do well in direct sunlight and can be a magnet for flies.

10. Always have a Backup Plan

Since you can’t control the weather, it’s always a good idea to have a Plan B. Discuss weather scenarios before your wedding week so you and your family can prepare in advance.

Your Plan B may involve having umbrellas on hand or choosing a venue with indoor and outdoor spaces. Don’t forget to have tent sidewalls nearby in case a storm blows through. With some pre-thinking, you can go into your wedding week feeling prepared while the weather becomes less of a surprise. After all, it’s better to be prepared than to be caught off guard!

11. Roll with It!

No matter what the weather does on your big day, don’t let it stress you. Remember the one you’re choosing to commit to forever and let the rest go. Kissing in the rain can even become a romantic memory you’ll never forget!

At Verandah Golf Club we are proud to offer brides and grooms the perfect venue to enjoy their big day. Browse our weddings page and contact us today to schedule your event.

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