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The Many Benefits That Golf Course Weddings May Offer You

Looking for the perfect wedding venue?

Thinking about having a golf course wedding?

One of the most difficult parts of planning a wedding is choosing the venue. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a great venue that meets all of your requirements perfectly.

While you may not have considered it before, a golf course can actually be one of the best options out there for a wedding and comes with more benefits than you probably realize. The best golf clubs can easily be transformed into amazing wedding venues that offer all of the features you've always imagined having for your big day.

Ready to learn more? Below we'll list the top reasons you should consider having a golf courses wedding.

1. Everything You Need in One Place

One of the best things about having a golf course wedding is that it will be extremely convenient. With a golf course wedding, you'll have everything you need in one centralized location and there will be no need for a venue change. You'll be able to have the ceremony and the reception in one place along with any other activities that you've planned for your guests.

With a golf club wedding, you'll have access to great staff and topnotch facilities that can help each part of your day to go smoothly. Additionally, if there is anything else you realize you need for your wedding at the last minute, chances are that you'll be able to get it.

2. Extra Activities Available

When you have a golf course wedding, you'll also get access to all of the perks and special facilities that a golf club will have at its disposal. This includes great in-house caterers, professional bar services, and many places for your guests to relax and interact. You'll also have access to any equipment such as chairs and tables you'll need for your ceremony.

If you or your guests want to spend some extra time at the golf club before or after your wedding you'll also find that there are some great activities available to you. You may even choose to practice your swing if you have a little bit of time.

3. Professional Staff On-Site

Another great thing about a golf course wedding is that the staff for your event will be provided for you. You'll have access to professional catering services, great bartenders, and plenty of staff to help with a quick setup and takedown of your wedding.

With a wedding at a different venue, you would likely need to hire the staff, the caterers, and the bartenders separately. A golf club will already have most of the staff members you need ready to go.

Additionally, they'll all be highly trained as well. Golf club staff members will have plenty of professional training and this can help ensure that the reception, the wedding, and any other part of your day goes perfectly.

4. Get Your Money's Worth

Compared to many other wedding venues, a golf course wedding can also be very affordable. Considering all that you'll be getting as part of your event, it would be pretty difficult to find a better value elsewhere.

Simply having your wedding venue and your reception venue in one place, you'll already be saving quite a bit of money. Additionally, you also won't have to worry about handling transportation between various venues.

With a golf course wedding, you'll also have other important perks and staff available to make your big day perfect. For one price, you'll have access to catering and bar services on-site as well that can help ensure your guests have a great time and are as comfortable as possible.

5. A Great Environment

One of the best things about having a golf course wedding is that your wedding will have some amazing scenery surrounding it. Believe it or not, there's no need to fly off to an exotic location to find a picturesque wedding venue.

Golf courses have plenty of greenery, beautiful ponds, and tall trees to surround your event. Whether your wedding is during the summertime when the flowers are blooming or during the fall when the leaves are changing color, you'll have plenty of beautiful scenery around.

This also means you'll have plenty of chances to get some amazing wedding photos. When it comes time to take the perfect wedding photos, a golf course will give you all of the options you need. You'll be able to pose in front of a pond, on the green, or elsewhere in the club to get the photos that are just right for your wedding party.

6. Survive the Rain

One of the biggest problems of an outdoor wedding is that there is always the possibility of bad weather. It can be stressful wondering if the weather will be sunny or not when your wedding date finally comes.

Luckily, by going with a golf course wedding, you'll usually be able to have a great backup plan in place. In the case of rain, a golf course wedding can be a great solution. You'll often be able to switch your wedding venue at the last minute to an indoor event space instead.

Because of this, you'll be able to be less stressed when planning your wedding outdoors. You'll know that your day is going to go smoothly no matter what happens with the weather.

7. Less Planning and Stress

By choosing to have your wedding at a golf course, you'll also avoid common types of wedding planning stress. You'll have to do a lot less planning with a golf course wedding since so many things will be provided for you in one centralized location. You won't have to worry about setting things up with multiple service providers such as caterers and bartenders or have to deal with renting multiple venues.

If you're the type of person who doesn't like to do extensive planning you'll have a much better time with a golf course wedding. Many of the major decisions will all be taken care of for you and you'll have access to everything you need for you and your guests all in one place.

Understanding the Benefits of a Golf Course Wedding

By now you should be starting to understand why a golf courses wedding isn't as crazy as it sounds. Having a wedding at a golf course can help you to have the big day you deserve and can meet all of your needs more easily than other types of venues.

Want to learn more about our golf course wedding venue? Contact us today to learn more about Hampton Golf Clubs and to learn more about what we can do for you.