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Stay the Course: How Do You Plan a Golf Course Wedding?

The 2022 wedding season is coming fast. Due to the pandemic, 2022 is expected to be the biggest wedding season in nearly 40 years. The forecasted number of weddings is expected to surpass 2.5 million.

This means that many couples are looking right now for the perfect venue. Golf courses are one of the most underrated venues to host a wedding.

Read on to learn how a golf course wedding can blow your guests away. Explore golf course wedding venues near me and tips on how to plan one.

What Is the Appeal?

Golf courses are strategically constructed in some of the most beautiful locations in the country. Take this golf course in Fort Myers, Florida as the perfect example. Here, your guests can make a vacation out of a wedding night stay.

The landscaping is always pristine and the scenery breathtaking. There are also grand ballrooms onsite to host large parties. The clubhouse is always a popular spot for alcoholic beverages and socializing.

How to Plan a Golf Course Wedding?

Now that you are sold on the idea of golf course weddings, it is time to start planning one. A lot goes into a wedding and there are many things you need to plan for. Continue reading to learn about each planning item and what goes into it:


A lot of the planning occurs before your big day. It starts with setting a budget and picking the perfect venue. Once you know more about the venue costs, you can start putting together a guest list.

With the guest list complete, invitations can go out. Next, you have to consider bringing in professionals to further boost your wedding night. Photographers and DJs are two examples of professionals that help make your evening stand out.


The first thing to consider for your big day is the wedding ceremony. At a golf course, there are so many great spots to hold a ceremony.

Golf courses have gorgeous landscapes to choose from. You also have to select a marriage officiant to lead the ceremony.

The good news about a golf course wedding is that they set up the ceremony for you. The chairs, décor, and everything else required are all taken care of.


Now it is time to party. Golf courses are set up at country clubs that host large parties on a routine basis. They are ready to cater for your event and provide alcoholic beverages to the wedding.

Unlike a traditional church wedding, you do not have to travel to the reception location. Your guests can quickly start to enjoy themselves after the ceremony. Golf courses can accommodate a buffet-style wedding or full-service.

Golf Course Weddings Are Top-Notch

Golf course weddings can compete with any venue. They have everything onsite to host large parties. Golf courses offer picturesque landscapes for your ceremony and photographs.

Your guests will enjoy the lack of commute from the ceremony to the reception. If you are interested in having a golf course wedding, contact us today to speak with a wedding planner.