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Golf Groomsmen Gift Ideas

7 Golf Groomsmen Gift Ideas

The average number of groomsmen at a wedding is 3 to 5 men for a standard-sized wedding. For larger weddings, there may be as many as 8 to 10 groomsmen included.

No matter how many groomsmen you have at your wedding, you want to get them gifts. After all, the job of a groomsman can be tedious until after the wedding.

The best way to show your groomsmen that you care is to give them groomsmen gifts. There are mini golf groomsmen gift ideas you can use to help you do this.

Keep reading to find out what golf groomsmen gift ideas you should use.

1. Lightweight Golf Bag

Do you want to treat your groomsmen to something special? If so, you should get them a lightweight golf bag as a gift.

A golf bag is something that will be with them for many years after the wedding. It will become a memento of their job as a groomsman and how valued you made them feel.

This is also a very practical gift that any groomsman would be able to enjoy. A lightweight bag weighs around 2 pounds or less, allowing for easy lifting.

This is the perfect option if you want to go out for a quick golf game without too much hassle. If your groomsmen are serious golfers, this is the perfect gift.

2. Golf Flask

Another great option when it comes to golf groomsmen gift ideas is a flask. This is a much more affordable option but is still just as memorable.

If you are looking at golf groomsmen gifts, a flask is practical and amusing. You can find a variety of flask styles, often wrapped in leather or tartan fabric.

This is the perfect size and shape to take out on the golf course with you. It is also a great option for larger weddings when you have more groomsmen to get gifts for.

3. Valuables Pouch

One of these gift options is a golf valuables pouch. This is a small pouch used to hold breakables or valuable items that you may take out onto the golf course.

These are usually used for glasses, phones, or credit cards. You may not have a place to put these valuables, risking losing them or having them damaged in the process.

One of these pouches will come in handy for anyone who regularly golfs. They are padded and zipped up, protecting your valuables so you can focus on your golf game.

This is another small and affordable gift that is perfect to show your appreciation.

4. Golf Ball Bottle Opener

Are you looking for something small and memorable to give your groomsmen? Look no further than a golf ball bottle opener as a fun gift everyone will enjoy.

Golf bottle openers are relatively easy to find and are shaped like a real golf ball. They are on a chain that can easily be attached to your golf bag or keychain.

This is a great gift for any man who enjoys a cold drink on the golf course. Many men may take bottled drinks with them and find that they have no way of opening them.

This is the perfect solution while staying in the theme of golfing. It is also very affordable when you are on a tight wedding budget with little leeway.

5. Putter Gift Set

Buying your groomsmen a putter gift set may not be something you considered. This is a great option for men who enjoy golfing but aren’t on the golf course as much as they like.

This is a mini golf set course that can be set up anywhere. It is the perfect option for a home office or your business office when you have extra time to spare.

It is also a great gift for groomsmen who have young children that they can play with.

6. Custom Golf Balls

One of the best golf groomsmen gift ideas is going to be custom golf balls. You can purchase custom-made golf balls with special logos included.

You can have a logo printed on the bottle or a special message. This is a great way to provide personalized gifts without going way over your budget.

Personalized golf balls are also very useful for men who truly enjoy golfing. They will be put to good use and can later be kept as a reminder of your wedding.

7. Gold Shoe Bag

Many golfers may complain about having to figure out what to do with their shoes. If you change your shoes at the golf course, it can be difficult to find a place to put them.

If you have nice shoes, the last thing you want to do is throw them somewhere. One great gift option is to give your groomsmen shoe bags for their next golfing trip.

This is a padded zip-up bag that is large enough to hold a pair of shoes. It will protect their shoes so that they can focus on their game.

The Best Gold Groomsmen Gift Ideas

If your wedding is coming up, you may be looking up golf groomsmen gift ideas. It is traditional for the groom to give his groomsmen some kind of gift as a sign of appreciation.

After all, your groomsmen have dedicated time out of their lives to helping you with your wedding. If you have a golf-themed wedding, you have a lot of gift ideas to choose from.

Are you interested in having a golf wedding? Contact us today at Verandah Golf for golfing memberships and events.