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Best Golf Headcovers

Protecting Your Club: A Guide to the Best Golf Headcovers

A good set of golf clubs can cost between $1500 to $2500. As that's quite a pretty penny, you should want your golf clubs to look great for a reasonable amount of time.

The problem is that scratches and dents on your clubs are inevitable. You are using them to hit things, after all. However, not all golf club damage is inevitable.

Your golf clubs can sustain damage when you're not using them. They may fall in the closet, get bumped when riding in the car, etc. Luckily, there's a way to lessen these types of damage.

The best golf headcovers can help protect your golf clubs when you're not using them. Learn more about golf headcovers and some great choices below.

What Are Golf Headcovers?

Golf headcovers aren't 100% necessary golfer accessories. You can still play a great game of golf without them.

Still, experts recommend that golfers buy and use them to keep their golf clubs safe. You can learn how to transport golf clubs properly to avoid damaging your golf clubs instead. However, following these steps every time can get annoying.


Golf headcovers should be shaped in a way where they fit over each club like a sock fits over a foot. Therefore, most headcovers (but not all) are going to look like golf club heads.

Materials Used

The exact materials used vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Most manufacturers use different forms of leather or pseudo-leather. This is a great material to use because it's durable and versatile.

However, some covers use softer fabrics like cotton. Knitted golf covers and some sillier stuffed animal-like golf covers often utilized this fabric. Covers like these can still protect your clubs but may wear down faster than leather ones.

Benefits of Golf Headcovers

The primary benefit of covers for golf clubs is protecting golf clubs. This is important because golf clubs are often made of delicate metals. However, this is far from the only benefit of golf headcovers.

Identify Your Set

Golf is a game that's best played with others. So you'll likely have quite a few sets of golf clubs sitting together. If you're playing in a tournament, you'll have a ton of them sitting together.

It can be hard to find your set of clubs amongst all of these. However, this won't be the case if you have distinctive golf headcovers. You will be able to identify your own golf set quickly.

Identify Individual Clubs

Woods, drivers, etc. have distinctive shapes. However, it can be difficult to identify these shapes at first glance. You may have to search a bit before you can pick the right club you need.

This won't be an issue if you have a different cover for each type of club. You just need to memorize which cover goes with which club shape.


People like to express their likes and personalities with the clothes they wear. They can do the same thing with their golf headcovers. Whether you want to show off your fave cartoon characters or show a sleek style, there should be great options to tell people who you are.

What to Look For When Headcover Shopping

What kind of golf headcovers are best for you? This usually depends on your needs and preferences.


Yes, headcovers come in different sizes. Make sure you measure your clubs before you start looking for headcovers.

Cover Style

The type of cover style you get can depend on your personality. However, you may also want to choose a cover style for another reason. For example, you may want to choose a bright style so you can easily spot a club that goes flying.


To pick the right material, you need to think about the kinds of situations your golf clubs will get into. If you're constantly bringing your clubs to an outdoor course, you should choose sturdy leather. If you only golf once every few months and/or golf in indoor locations, a soft cottony fabric will be fine.

Club Types

You don't need to cover all of your clubs if you don't want to. Many golfers just cover their most expensive clubs. It may also be easier on your wallet to use this method.

Whatever the case, make sure you're getting the right types of headcovers for the clubs you want covered.

The Best Golf Headcovers

Now that you know a bit about golf headcovers, you probably want to know where you need to start shopping. You'll find some examples of golf headcover brands you should check out in the list below.


If you want some cool and distinguished designs, go with Stitch. The brand is one of the leaders in premium golf headcovers. You have a wide variety of knit and leather designs to choose from.


Stitch doesn't offer custom designs, but Cru does. Plus, the classic leather designs they make are sure to impress your buddies on the course. Cru also makes sure to use the best materials to keep their customers coming back.

Jan Craig Golf

Are you interested in having the look of classic knit headcovers? Jan Craig is the company that you want. They've been in business for more than fifty years and are still selling their classic knit headcovers to golfers around the world.


The beautiful handcrafted headcovers made by the artisans at Seamus are incredible treasures. Most of their woolen designs pay tribute to classic European roots. You can also customize their designs with leather labels.

Stop by Our Golf Course

The best golf headcovers aren't a necessity. However, using them is the best way for you to protect your investments. Buy them and you shouldn't need to buy new clubs for a very long time.

Of course, it's not worth buying golf clubs unless you're going to use them. So why not bring your golf clubs with their fancy new covers over to the Verandah Club? We offer a wide variety of amenities so our members can eat, shop, and play.

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