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Trendy Wedding Themes for 2024

Trendy Wedding Themes for 2024

We may be shifting out of the wedding boom of 2023, but there are still thousands of couples tying the knot in 2024. One survey found that 13% of American adults have a 2024 wedding on the books and that nearly half of them will have a reception immediately following the ceremony.

Planning both a ceremony and a reception is a tall order. You have to find the right space, plan a menu, hire entertainment, and more. The good news is that the first part is the fun part: picking a theme.

What are some of the cool wedding themes we're seeing more of this year? Read on to find out!

Scenic Views

Visualize your dream wedding. Chances are every detail that you picture is breathtaking and memorable.

Many of the couples that we work with are looking for ways to cut down on planning stress. One option is to reduce the amount of decor you need to incorporate to bring your vision to life. When you're picking a wedding venue in 2024, consider options that come with built-in beauty.

A scenic view creates the perfect backdrop for photos and ensures that even your candid shots are ready to be framed and hung on the wall.

Modern Minimalism

Maybe you're the kind of bride or groom who wants to keep things visually simple. After all, your guests are there to celebrate your love, not your taste in decorations.

In the past, a simple wedding often skewed in the direction of rustic chic. Now, many couples are opting for a minimalist approach with modern overtones.

Modern wedding themes are all about clean lines and neutral color palettes. The goal of modern minimalism is to focus on quality and elegance over quantity and clutter.

Total Maximalism

At the other end of the spectrum, you'll see couples going for a maximalist approach. Maximalism is all about bringing together bright colors, patterns, and textures in an intentional way.

In order to pull off maximalism, it's useful to stick to a vibrant color palette that ties your decor together. Think mustard yellow and sea blue or peach and fire hydrant red.

Maximalism encourages personalization and creativity. Don't hesitate to pull decor from your own home or shop thrift stores for funky vintage finds. Make the hunt for the perfect pieces part of a joyful experience, or planning a maximalist wedding can start to feel like a chore.

Cultural Fusion

In 2024, the world is more interconnected than ever before. For many 2024 soon-to-be-weds, cultural traditions are important to both families.

Rather than settling on one family's traditions and shirking the other's, pull unique wedding inspirations from both.

Cultural fusion weddings are the perfect way to bridge the gap between two families to create something brand new. Bring cultural fusion into your cuisine, music, attire, and ceremonial customs.


A recent survey found that nearly half of 2024 brides are looking for eco-friendly gowns to wear on their big day. This can include second-hand options, sustainable fabrics, or recycled materials.

If you're a bride on the hunt for a sustainable gown, why stop there?

Some of the best 2024 wedding ideas are great for the environment, from digital invitations to compostable confetti. Talk to your wedding planner or caterer about prioritizing local ingredients and in-season produce. Spending the day outdoors can also cut down on electricity use while encouraging guests to appreciate Mother Nature.

Micro Celebration

As you plan your wedding, think long and hard about what matters most to you and your partner. Not everyone dreams of an extravagant wedding with everyone they know in attendance.

Micro celebrations can involve anywhere from two to a few dozen guests. Couples tend to stick to immediate family members and close friends when putting together their guest lists.

However, 2024 micro weddings still embrace many typical wedding traditions, including gorgeous attire, a great venue, and delicious food. These events are still fun and memorable, allowing the bride and groom to prioritize each other and their closest loved ones.

Old School Vibes

Sure, vintage decor makes for stylish wedding trends that are popular in 2024. In this case, we're not just talking about decor.

A recent Zola survey found that 75% of 2024 couples are pushing for phone-free weddings. This encourages guests to stay in the moment, rather than scrolling social media or checking work emails.

If you're interested in ditching the digital age for a day, opt for live music over a DJ and Polaroid cameras over a photobooth. Guests will be grateful to part with screens for a few hours.

Experiential Fun

If we can offer one 2024 wedding planning tip, it's to build little experiences into your big day. Modern couples are looking for ways to keep guests occupied and entertained, and there are tons of ways to add experiential fun to your wedding.

Outdoor games are a great alternative for guests who don't love to dance. Ditch the pass-around appetizers and opt for appetizer carts or build-your-own stations. Encourage guests to get to know each other with guest bingo cards.

These little details ensure that your celebration will stand out to all your guests, even those who have attended dozens of weddings.

Classic Romance

Some wedding themes are more than trends. If what you're looking for are timeless aesthetics and traditions, consider a classic romance theme.

Classic romance includes all the bells and whistles, from the beautiful gown to the overflowing bouquets to the towering cake.

In 2024, don't be afraid to put your own personal spin on classic romance. Nothing is more romantic than the love you share with your partner, so consider details like customized cake toppers or personalized ice sculptures.

Verandah Club Brings Cool Wedding Themes to Life

The best part about any of these cool wedding themes is that you can execute all of them in the venue of your dreams. Verandah Club would be honored to bring your Ft. Myers wedding to life.

With stunning views of the Orange River and coastal scenery, Verandah Club is one of Ft. Myers' most beautiful and scenic venues. Our in-house staff has experience with everything from intimate weddings to extravagant events and will execute your theme flawlessly. Learn more about weddings at Verandah Club today.