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Teeing Off: A Beginners Guide to Golf

golf instruction 101 fort myers fl

If you're thinking about taking up gold, you need to brush up on what golf really is. 

In premise, golf is a simple game in which your goal is to get the ball in each of the 18 holes on a course in the fewest attempts (strokes) possible. 

However, that's not all. And in this beginner's guide to golf, we will cover everything in a little bit more depth. 

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Golf Scramble Rules: How to Plan a Scramble Tournament

Scrambles top the chart as golf’s most used format for tournaments, especially charity events and other fundraisers. The team format of a scramble allows for lower scores, quicker rounds, and team spirit not found in the stroke play format. Golfers enjoy playing shots from parts of the course they rarely see in a regular round.

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The Many Benefits That Golf Course Weddings May Offer You

fort myers wedding venues on a golf course

Looking for the perfect wedding venue?

Thinking about having a golf course wedding?

One of the most difficult parts of planning a wedding is choosing the venue. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a great venue that meets all of your requirements perfectly.

While you may not have considered it before, a golf course can actually be one of the best options out there for a wedding and comes with more benefits than you probably realize. The best golf clubs can easily be transformed into amazing wedding venues that offer all of the features you've always imagined having for your big day.

Ready to learn more? Below we'll list the top reasons you should consider having a golf courses wedding.

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Best Golfers in the World

Golf is anything but a fast game. However, the leaderboard of best golfers in the world changes almost by the minute.

But however slow the game may move, the best of the best players change constantly. Here are our top 5 best golfers right now who could claim the title of "Best Player in the World".

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